Mozilla Japan: Firefox 3 is two times faster than Opera 9.5?

Mozilla Japan is apparently claiming that Firefox 3 is two times faster than Opera 9.5. Does that mean that I can claim that Opera is an infinitely smaller download than Firefox and get away with it?


12 thoughts on “Mozilla Japan: Firefox 3 is two times faster than Opera 9.5?

  1. What an odd thing to say. I wonder what obscure bit of performance they measured to justify that statement?

  2. Not necessarily. But yes, I do hope Opera gets a little bit faster in Javascript performance. This seems to be one of Opera 9.5 weak points (according to the media)

  3. Tested Dromaeo in 10071 and against FF 3.0 and we were faster there.3345.40ms (Total) vs 3695.20ms (Total)Opera with: 16 tabs mail etc and Firefox 3 with one tab only..

  4. Opera with dozen of pop3/imap accounts, multiple feeds, 5 tabs opened: 2213.00msPlain Fx 3 with one tab: 2108.40msApparently, they are "better" 😉

  5. Anonymous writes:

    @grfgguvf, what did you expect? Firefox is officially supported by Gmail (it's Google's main browser). Firefox is the first browser they support with their services — ALWAYS. Opera support is an afterthought and without all the optimizations they are using specifically for Firefox.In other words, Gmail is USELESS if you want to compare general performance. It isn't that Firefox is faster. It's that the Google engineers to everything they can to make Firefox work flawlessly with their services.

  6. @AnonymousYou've been proved wrong, and anyway Google/GMail engineers always posted screenshots from Safari long before the release of WebKit-based "Chrome".

  7. Anonymous writes:

    @grfgguvfWhat on earth are you talking about?"Proved wrong"? On what? The fact that Firefox is officially supported by Google, and Google's services optimized specifically for Firefox?Moron.

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