Browsing the Web… on a Sony digital photo frame

The Japanese Choose Opera blog has a post showing Jon browsing the Web on a Sony digital photo frame. There's even a video. Browsing the Web isn't exactly the first thing that would come to mind when buying a digital photo frame, but it has a lot of potential, and shows the wide range of devices Opera is available on.

In the future, everything with a screen will be connected to the Internet and run Opera 😉


2 thoughts on “Browsing the Web… on a Sony digital photo frame

  1. Seems like a wonderful idea. I can just set it to show random pictures from my Flickr account, and never have to worry about keeping yet another electronic device up-to-date with pictures…

  2. Thank you for the posting about my recorded video!There is one of interesting use case when a person would put the digital photo frame on his/her parents home then setting up to show up his/her and/or grandchild's photos automatically via the kind of photo sharing services. Mostly grandparents are non-tecky peoples but they want to see their grandchild's photos with easily way. The device would make happier them :yes:

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