Microsoft’s new mobile browser is… IE6

Microsoft is finally going to get their mobile browser offering up to speed… by porting the old Internet Explorer 6 (released in 2001, a few months after Opera 5) to Windows Mobile.

In a world where everyone, including the rest of Microsoft, is busy moving away from IE6 and all of its problems, Microsoft's Windows Mobile unit thought it was a good idea to wipe the dust off IE6 and give it new life.

At least it supposedly supports Flash.


10 thoughts on “Microsoft’s new mobile browser is… IE6

  1. Anonymous writes:I'd hope they'd at least backport some changes from IE7; I'd hate for 5 year old spyware to show up on my phone, of all places. At least they mentioned Opera, instead of pretending the mobile internet didn't exist until the iPhone was created.

  2. Flash in itself isn't a good thing as such, but it is needed to view a lot of content online, unfortunately. As such, it is an advantage to Microsoft after an otherwise disappointing decision to go with hopelessly outdated technology.

  3. I can't understand that point. I thought they are making a new browser (deepfish)?!? and ok, the port ie, why not ie7 or at least ie8? why the hack this very old engine? the ui is at least new, so why not the rendering engine of ie 8 or something else? tasman? *g* it wouldn't make any problems to pogram –> and the site compatibility is already given…

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