Screenshot: Nintendo DSi – powered by Opera

Opera will be available for free for DSi, Nintendo's new portable gaming console. Opera's company logo is prominently displayed on the loading screen, which is very nice for Opera as a brand. Saito just blogged about this and other screenshots over at CNET Japan, including explanations for each.

This is what Opera on the DSi looks like when loading:


7 thoughts on “Screenshot: Nintendo DSi – powered by Opera

  1. Anonymous writes:Yes it does look nice while loading, however the downfall to this OS on the new DSi is that it cannot load flash files making visits to pages such as youtube, myspace, and even facebook a problem. The Opera website states that Nintendo "challenged them" and "demanded nothing but the best," if Opera cannot offer up software at a basic equvalant to mobile OS then WAIT on the DSi- the internet is the only real feature.

  2. Anonym writes:

    The last commenter is obviously a clueless moron.First of all, Flash is a plugin, and supported by Opera on all platform.Secondly, it's up to Nintendo to license Flash from Adobe.Third, the DSi is far to low-powered to run Flash anyway.Stop being an ignorant moron, and stop spewing nonsense. Educate yourself instead of making a fool of yourself.

  3. Anonymous writes:

    can anyone tell me if the DSi is powerful enough to play streaming audiofrom websites like or other internet radio?

  4. Dakota Jaymes writes:

    The DSi browser doesn't support web streaming, but I've been able to get on sites like facebook, twitter, and myspace fine.Also I've been able to instant message from the dsi via Mobile ebuddy.

  5. Anonymous writes:you can see youtube on wii but not on this but this is still awesome cuz it has a game that you use the camera and you move your hands and head! 🙂 *mrgreen*

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