Looks like Opera 9.5 was a success (thanks, Chrome!)

Some interesting numbers released today at the Choose Opera blog: 1 million downloads of 9.6 already, and the number of weekly Opera users has increased by 25% since 9.5 was launched. That's a 25% increase in (less than) four months.

It looks like Opera 9.5 has been a great success. Bear in mind that the Chrome launch increased the number of Opera downloads as well, though, so Chrome might have helped us along a bit. We always welcome competitionm which will inevitably boost our numbers 😉


3 thoughts on “Looks like Opera 9.5 was a success (thanks, Chrome!)

  1. Morghus writes:I guess it was all the people everywhere asking/saying "Hi, Opera has this awesome feature and I'd like to see it in Chrome too" 😛

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