Historic election

Today (Norwegian time), history was made.

Congratulations on your next president, USA. I think you made the right choice.


8 thoughts on “Historic election

  1. @deadHarlequin: Balancing the needs and wants of any group of people is tricky. While Europe's example may not be the best, the recent path America has taken is far worse. Following Europe's lead can only lead to better things from where America is now. After they've sorted out their many crises they can think of blazing a new trail again.I'm really glad Obama won, I think it's a great thing that Americans elected a person who sounds intelligent, even if they did so because he was the lesser of two evils.

  2. " Balancing the needs and wants of any group of people is tricky." So trueAmerica I think is looking at Europe and seeing what worked and can be adapted to use in the USA. We are a world wide comunity why not share ideas and improve others.Haavard great picture of Obama, where you find it?

  3. Thank you for your message about Obama. Americans finally woke up. I can tell you that there is a profound sense of relief in the USA, even among the Republicans themselves, that we will finally have a competent leader.But no, America did not look to Europe to decide what to do, Chas4. It is not in our character. There is much to admire about Europe, but there is also much to admire about America and Americans. We went beyond what is possible even in Europe by electing a person of African decent as our leader. We all know that would currently be an impossibility for any other Western nation. This country makes many mistakes, but I am proud of it now as I have never been before.Thanks again.

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