Oslo Map: Opera Software in 3D, in your browser

Norwegian search engine Sesam just launched a 3D map service (plugin needed – Windows only for now) which can be used to view a map of Oslo in 3D. It is based on aerial photos taken at a low altitude, and uses Scandinavian technology all the way (from the Swedish JAS project where the underlying technology was used to guide missiles, to the Norwegian 3D company myVR Software).

If you have ever wanted to see the Opera offices in glorious 3D, here's Opera Software's HQ in Oslo, and you can even see our logo on the wall:

Yes, the construction site to the left is that construction site 🙂

A Mac version of the service is expected in Q1 2009, while Linux support is coming in Q2 2009.


7 thoughts on “Oslo Map: Opera Software in 3D, in your browser

  1. @Hypezor how are you testing it on Ubuntu? on the site it says: Your operating system is unfortunately not yet supported. We will support Mac in Q1 2009 and Linux in Q2 2009.

  2. What I have is August 22, 2009 last modified a nd its version 1.0I found a n easy way to cup down in Opera crashes is that its the plug ins that need to be updatededit: I placed the plug in in the disbale and now I get the url http://3dtiles.sesam.no/codebase/stable/plugin/Finn3dSetupOSX.dmg (Created Thursday, March 19, 2009 9:48 AM) I wonder if it is not being maintained any morethere is a list of them here: Vis alternative versjoner (http://kart.finn.no/3d/?utmx=262795.0&utmy=6651056.0&distance=200&heading=63&pitch=78#alle-os)

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