Microsoft/EU antitrust case: It’s not just about bundling!

Most people are focusing solely on the bundling of IE, while the EC has actually considered another important part of Opera's complaint, namely Microsoft undermining standards:

In addition, the Commission is concerned that the ubiquity of Internet Explorer creates artificial incentives for content providers and software developers to design websites or software primarily for Internet Explorer which ultimately risks undermining competition and innovation in the provision of services to consumers.

Remember, Opera forced Microsoft to default to standards mode in IE8, so it is too bad that most people seem to ignore the standards aspect.

Then again, perhaps forcing Microsoft to adhere to standards is less controversial than unbundling IE?

What people need to keep in mind is that Microsoft has abused its monopoly, and as a monopolist one has to follow certain rules that other companies don't have to follow. Microsoft did not follow those rules, and by not doing so, they broke the law.

Opera Software did not sue Microsoft. Opera Software reported to the EC that Microsoft seemed to be breaking the law, and the EC agreed.

Breaking the law has consequences whether you agree with the law or not.


13 thoughts on “Microsoft/EU antitrust case: It’s not just about bundling!

  1. IE 8 team belives that they have the most complete implementation of CSS 2.1I hope that Opera Software also will do everything they can to fix most CSS bugs for version 10 of their browser.

  2. Chas4, I think that completion of ACID 3 test is much bigger show off than conformance to CSS 2.1 standard 😛

  3. hammer22 writes:A comment was made the other day by a member of the European Union that the European taxpayer will pay less taxes if they can collect from Microsoft- Intel. I havent seen them go after any of their corporations

  4. 22hammersonthewall writes:"I havent seen them go after any of their corporations"That's because you are an ignorant moron. The EC goes after European companies that break the law all the time.What's wrong with Americans and their silly claims based on pure ignorance?

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