Vodafone’s Opera Mini trial in Egypt

According to HegnarOnline (Norwegian only), Vodafone made a trial roll-out of Opera Mini in Egypt. The result? 400 000 installations in one month.

A couple of weeks ago, a global agreement between Opera and Vodafone was announced. With the success in Egypt, Vodafone is probably eager to get Opera Mini out there in all markets. It goes without saying that this agreement will likely increase the revenues significantly for both Opera and Vodafone.

I also blogged about Vodafone last year, when it turned out that they wanted to use Opera's widgets solution to push for open standards.


3 thoughts on “Vodafone’s Opera Mini trial in Egypt

  1. according to newsweb.no:

    Vodafone Group subsidiaries may offer Opera Widgets, Opera Mini and Opera Turbo to its subscribers.

    so what is Opera Turbo ?

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