Ford lets you take Opera for a ride in your car

Hopefully, people will park their car before browsing with the built-in Opera browser

Check out this video showing off Ford Work Solutions featuring Opera. I love how they managed to get Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs to do the video! …

Screenshot: Opera on the Ford In-Dash Computer
For more details on Opera and the rest of the system, you can download the In-Dash Computer User Guide, which describes Opera like this:

The Opera Internet browser provided with your FWS system provides a superb platform for accessing and viewing websites. Opera works much like the Internet browser on your desktop computer, but it provides improved compatibility in a mobile setting like Ford Work Solutions.

Opera has many years of experience with all sorts of devices. In the future, anything with a screen will require a full browser built in. Many of those devices will use Opera.

It is often faster, cheaper and better to get a ready-made solution adapted to your system by professional browser engineers than to build your own browser team. Not only do you have to find develpers, but they need to be traine to create browsers, deal with future updates, and so on. Most companies will most likely not want to take on the huge responsibility of become a browser vendor. I think companies like Nokia, Apple and Google can attest to the vast amount of resources required to create a proper browser. It is not just a matter of putting together a team of random engineers and hoping for the best.

That is why there will always be a market out there for Opera and other independent browser vendors. Companies in need of a browser will know that the browser was created by people who really know what it takes to create, develop and maintain one.


5 thoughts on “Ford lets you take Opera for a ride in your car

  1. In the future, anything with a screen will require a full browser built in

    And in the future, anything will need a screen and then an Opera browser :yes:

  2. Opera adding another item to its lit of Opera Powered devices Its a dirty job but someone has to do it

  3. It's amazing what Opera can do for you. :lol:.With fords coming out with Opera built in, Opera popularity should rise big time. :yes:. I think we need a remake of Knight Rider now. 💡 K.I.T.T. offer an Opera browser on his dash. :headbang:.

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