Native Opera Mini or Opera Mobile for BlackBerry could happen if RIM allowed it?

(Note: This is a repost. My original post from a few days ago seems to be missing.)

According to, Opera Software is interested in creating a version of Opera Mini or Opera Mobile which integrates better with BlackBerry devices. What's preventing this is RIM, which does not seem convinced that this would be a good thing.

15% of all BlackBerry owners use Opera Mini, which indicates that there is indeed interest in a more integrated version. Perhaps RIM should go all the way and simply license Opera Mobile (with Opera Turbo) for preinstallation on all their devices? This could prove to be cheaper and better than having their own browser team in-house.

The way the market is going, all phones will be required to have a proper browser to compete. And building a real browser is time-consuming, expensive and hard work.