Mobile Web usage and revenue explodes in Russia

According to, ComNews Research has published a report on the mobile internet market in Russia. According to the report, revenue grew by 87% in 2008 thanks to a growth in the number of mobile Web users.

It is interesting to note that according to StatCounter, Opera Mini has a nearly 80% market share of the mobile browser market in Russia. Although browser statistics are highly unreliable, StatCounter does mirror some of the statistics for several major sites in Russia. It seems to be much more reliable than other services, such as Net Applications, which focus almost exclusively on the United States.

So while one should remain skeptical of browser statistics, it is an interesting thought that Opera might be the main driver of mobile data traffic growth in Russia!

Even in times of economic turmoil, people obviously keep browsing the Web. This is why Opera Software is doing very well financially, while other companies are struggling.

More and more mobile operators are also realizing that Opera Mini (and Opera Turbo) can help them get the most out of their current network infrastructure without costly network upgrades.


4 thoughts on “Mobile Web usage and revenue explodes in Russia

  1. Interesting info on how Opera Mini/Mobile is driving mobile internet usage, Haavard.Having said that, I hope that the unreliability of browser stats becomes more widely known. While, I guess, it can be a general guide, this "horse race" coverage of desktop/device/mobile browser usage is really damaging to convincing users to try Opera, (or other non-IE browsers), I think…(Though everyone that sees Opera for the first time with me are quite shocked by its speed and ease-of-use — including Opera Link.)

  2. Are the mobile browser stats purely Mini or both Mini and Mobile?And I wonder what is the regex used to detect Opera's UA string, since Mobile/Mini customized for vendor might have non-standard UA strings and end up being identified as Opera Desktop.Similarly, Opera mobile browser has a close to 75% market share in indonesia based on statcounter.

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