Opera Unite

Opera Unite is here.

From opera.com/freedom:

Today, we unveiled Opera Unite,
A new technology that shakes up the old client-server computing model of the Web.

Confused? This video tells you the story of Opera Unite:

(Opera Unite)
Opera Unite gives you complete control over your own data. While there is certainly nothing wrong with using someone else's servers to host your data, that shouldn't be the only way to share data and connect with other people.

You are no longer merely browsing the Web. You are the Web. You are now connecting to others on your own terms, rather than having to hand your data over to strangers.

And remember, Unite services are accessible from any browser. Since Opera Unite uses open Web standards, people will not have to download or install a specific application to connect to your computer.

The services that are available right now are just a few examples of what you can do with Opera Unite. As developers around the world start diving into Unite, you will see more and more services appear. And while Opera Unite is a breakthrough in itself, it also opens up for innovative new products and services which enable you to connect with other people in new ways.

Many of you will probably not understand the full potential of Opera Unite. You may not realize just how this changes things. But give it some thought and some time, and you will get it eventually.


3 thoughts on “Opera Unite

  1. Fascinating! I couldn't locate this video on VuClip though, so I had to use Skyfire to watch it. :awww:.But it sounds like a great concept. :up:.It makes sense to do this as it opens up the freedom of the internet even further. It makes individuals more integral to the framework of the net and gives the power to the people! Amandla! :yes:.

  2. Congrats Opera. You have managed to live up to the sky high expectations you created (in fact surpass it). Well done.

  3. It's really great! With all of these, we can make many ways of connection with each other. And I do more thing than I've made before! Fantastic!

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