Opera Unite Web server benchmark

If you are wondering how the Web server in Unite performs, our friend over at unitehowto.com has benchmarked it.

His benchmarks show that Opera Unite can do up to "impressive 800 requests per second" on decent hardware, and even with dynamic content. You also can't DDoS a person via Opera Unite. He also says that Opera Unite uses "very smart file I/O", and that even if you save data to file, you can push out 744 requests per second.

As a comparison, PHP+Apache+MySQL is almost 2 times faster, nginx (one of the fastest servers available) is only 5 times faster, and the MadFish WebToolkit ("compiled raw C++") Web server is only 6 times faster.

Still, he concludes, Unite beats them both at ease of use.

Read more: Opera Unite benchmark @ unitehowto.com


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