In 2007, Opera Unite powered RC cars

You know that "best internet experience on any device" thing Opera has going?

In late 2007, a semi-annual seminar took place at a secret location. And what do you do with a place filled with Opera engineers? You have geeky competitions using Opera technology, of course. …

William wrote this after winning the Hackathon:

Woooo! Me and quai won this years Hackaton awards!

With..this! 😀 Built it in two days with some secret opera stuff (sorry, cant tell!), javascript and some c-code. Assembled the whole car from a kit, and it's controllable in amusing ways ;D

Moveable camera up/down/sideways, moveable lights (following the camera position?), steering left/right, speed reverse/forward any speed! etc.


That "secret Opera stuff" was Opera Unite.

I had forgotten about the seminar in 2007 when we competed over who could create the best Unite showcase until _Grey_ reminded me about it in a comment. It wasn't called Unite back then, though. (I don't know if we have mentioned the codename in public, so I won't spill the beans in case it's supposed to be a secret.)

I've asked if William is interested in writing about the project in more detail. Let's see if he has the time to do it.

And in addition to William and Quai's Opera powered RC car, there were other cool services as well. Some may be finding their way to the Opera Unite services repository in the future.

Perhaps this can serve as an inspiration to budding Unite service developers out there? There's a lot of potential for interesting and innovative services, so if you know HTML, CSS and JavaScript, get coding!

Can you beat the Opera Unite powered RC car? 🙂


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