Opera Unite powered BitTorrent tracker

It looks like someone has started work on a BitTorrent tracker running as a Unite service. The creator now needs help to find bugs, which is why he made a public announcement about it.

You can find the tracker's homepage at Google Code.

I'm pretty amazed by this service, and I really can't wait to see what kind of Unite services other people can come up with.

Not knowing much about the specifics of this service, I wonder if it would be possible to create a network of "decentralized" BitTorrent trackers for redundancy purposes. Since a Unite service is easy to set up, just about anyone could run a BitTorrent tracker, and if several of them connected in a network of "trusted" trackers continuously mirroring each other, there would always be a tracker available even if someone disconnects a computer running the tracker.

Time will tell how far Unite can take things, I guess.


7 thoughts on “Opera Unite powered BitTorrent tracker

  1. Just wait a few weeks and you will definitely see some magic I'm currently working on (: And I think many people do something great!By the way, I would like to complain that currently Unite is VERY UNFRIENDLY to developers. Just look at this scenario:1. I'm new to Unite, so most of work is reading + trying out.2. Trying out means to reload Unite application everytime I add new line/fix typo/etc to see the result. That happens VERY OFTEN, since I'm newbie in Unite world.3. And reloading application is a pain in the every hole in my body ): Because to properly reload application I need:* to go to Unite apps;* delete it!* from recycle bin too!* press ctrl+o;* change file filter to "all files" or "xml files";* select my xml;* approve that I want to load app;* click on in to launch a page which eventually opens in another new tab.Drag'n'drop to speed up things just a bit does not work properly, there is absolutely NO quick reloading (from initial app location, not your uber cool cache) for developers and the most freaking thing is that some errors does not appear in error console. Currently I have prototype app which stopped working at some point and I just don't understand why – it gives blank screen, logs are empty and reverting back a few steps does not help. I understand that O10 is beta, but empty logs are not good. Since this is beta go on and flood logs with every possible message out there no matter where it came from! That would greatly help! Even if that message is internal exception or whatever. At least developers will be notifies that this is a time to reload browser or reinstall it (:

  2. @antonioafonso: as I see – no. This is because Opera puts app in cache just like it does with widgets. But it places app there partially. So changing static content like HTMLs and CSSs will refresh, server-side code not. Kinda strange, but this is a behaviour I'm experiencing.

  3. @Aux if that is happening it's a very bad bug then, I never noticed that bug in any build, can you please create a barebones service with only a opera.postError( 'Service Loaded' ) and stop/start the service to see if the message appears in the Error Console every time you hit "Start"?

  4. HariG writes:@Aux: To install the service while doing development drag and drop the config.xml from a File explorer into Opera and say 'OK' to the dialog. The files are loaded from their current location and a simple Stop/Start would reload the service. To avoid having to open the service page put a widget.openURL("http://" + webserver.hostName + webserver.currentServicePath); inside the 'load' handler. On each startup it will open the service homepage.

  5. Khm… I've got my laptop back and tried to work on it yesterday and it was fine. So O10 behaves strangely on my desktop. Maybe because Windows 7 RC is there…

  6. Nice, I honestly thought Opera would somehow merge the two together for the File Sharing app. Would be a nice way to show both off.

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