New free Wii Internet Channel with updated Flash

As you probably know by now, Opera 10.0 for desktop is finally out.

But that's not all. Your Wii might be glowing blue today with a nice surprise for you: There's a new version available, and it has updated to a more recent Flash version. Not only that, but the Internet Channel (powered by Opera) is now a free download! And if already you paid, you will get a free NES game for the trouble.

Not bad.

The new Flash version reports itself as "9,1,122,0", but it is most likely Flash Lite 3, which according to Adobe's FAQ calls itself Flash 9.

The FAQ also states that Flash Lite 3 supports all Flash 9 content except ActionScript 3. If it comes across such content, it will display a Flash icon to let you know that the content is not supported.

It's good to see that Nintendo finally decided to replace the old and outdated Flash 7 version used on the Internet Channel.


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  1. Hulu currently limits people who can view video to the US, I would have to look at what version of flash they use also

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