Opera 10 release approved by 4 out of 5 Opera users

A Soviet Era-style building, St. Hanshaugen, Oslo, Norway, Europe, Tellus. September 4, 2009 (Opera NewsWire):

The official release of Opera 10 has been met with great enthusiasm from almost all 5 Opera users. After a record-breaking 3 downloads within 24 hours of the release, the reviews are raving, and one Opera enthusiast even thinks he will be able to get his older sister to use Opera, boosting the user count to an unprecedented 6 users. …

"Yeah," smiles long time Opera user HendryDanielcks, "she refused to do my homework the other day, so I'm getting back at her by installing Opera on her laptop and disguising it as Firefox. That'll teach her."

A well known first poster on the My Opera site who wishes to remain anonymous had only this to say, as he was busy writing blog posts on how to get Opera working properly again after the new release had moved items around randomly in the toolbars: ":up:"

But while 4 of the Opera users unanimously approved of the release, glowing with superlatives like "pretty good", "not THAT bad" and "yeah, I guess this is OK", the 5th Opera user, a JavaScript guru only known as "fagephear" on My Opera, was not convinced.

"Actually, I'm a bit disappointed that they didn't add the Kitchen Sink feature I've been nagging them about for years," he said. "I'm thinking about just downloading Firefox to use the Kitchen Sink extension instead. I mean, come on Opera, how hard can it be to make the browser do the dishes? Sheesh."

An unnamed Opera spokesperson declined to comment directly on the concerns raised by the 5th Opera user, but made the following statement:

"Opera is known for its portability. From next week, you will will be able run Opera on your kitchen sink! How's that for awesome? Yeah, we rock, dude!"

According to the Opera spokesperson, their long-term strategy for dealing with site compatibility issues is also starting to bear fruit.

"Patience is key," he explains. "We figured that if we waited long enough, then someone must surely become compatible with Opera at some point, if only by accident. And lo and behold, a site actually started sort of working the other day. We are very excited about this development."

He believes that the same strategy will continue to be successful going forward.

"You can't expect a browser to adapt to the Web. That's just silly," he states, and clarifies: "There are far too many sites out there for that to happen. No, the Web will have to adapt to Opera."

When asked how a tiny browser outsider can make money in the middle of a global recession, the Opera spokesperson again declined to answer the question directly. "We have our ways, you know?" he stated while fiddling with a recent court filing asking the government to enforce Opera-bundling in all consumer electronics by law, and added: "Don't worry about it."

Opera can be downloaded almost free[1] from opera.com/download.

[1] Who needs a soul anyway?


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  1. :sherlock: hmmm, like always, Oprah is entering a new market that will need more work. don't they imagine how difficult is to deal with various types of dishes ? there is no standard out there, how can they manage to handle compatibility ?well, the dishes will have to adapt to Oprah :p nice post hvd :)btw, for who don't know, the two names stated above does NOT exist in the community, well, not exactly πŸ˜‰

  2. Great. Does that mean that when this Unite thingie gets up to speed I can have someone else do my dishes?

  3. I need to read this a few time to understand it better Still laughing after second readIs this a test on the Opera server stress load?

  4. Hilarious :)At first I thought this must be a repost or parody of something else πŸ˜‰ Then I had to check the username again to make sure it's you πŸ˜€

  5. Why would I need Oprah when Interwebs Exploder comes pre-installed on my kitchen sink?Bagsy movie rights for the 100% fictional characters HendryDanielcks and fagephear πŸ˜€

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