Run Opera Mini 5 on your Android phone

If you have an Android phone and simply can't wait to try the Opera Mini 5 beta, you can install the Java version by using the Java/J2ME Runner (homepage) from Android Market. Be warned, though, that Opera Mini is currently very slow when installed this way. I'm not sure if this is because the Java environment is slow or because Opera Mini 5 needs more optimization. Perhaps a combination.

I have not tested it on anything but a HTC Magic. If anyone tests it on other Android devices, feel free to leave a comment about your experience.

Opera Mini 4 is really starting to show its age when you use it on touchscreen devices, so I'm hoping that an official release of Opera Mini 5 for Android is coming soon.


6 thoughts on “Run Opera Mini 5 on your Android phone

  1. yup, although a bit fiddly, managed to get it all working on an HTC Hero this way. Not as smooth as using something like Esmertec's JBed, mind…

  2. My next handset would be an Andriod one. I would love to see Opera Mobile along with Opera Mini for Andriod.

  3. Right so…Got bored, so rooted my Hero and installed MoDaCo's rom on it. It has the Jbed J2ME environment installed and Opera Mini 5 runs really well on it. Just as good as the default browser, once the mini team sort out a propper build for Android it's going to be awesome.Some small bugs with font and opera link crashing when the address bar is in focus.

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