31 thoughts on “New logo for Opera Software

  1. The "OPERA" looks a tad squished to me. I'm definitely liking the greater detail and finesse overall.

  2. rafaelluik: I have seen the kind of comments you have been posting lately, but this is definitely not the place to be trolling. I won't accept such behaviour in my blog.

  3. Previous company logo was better and has "its own face". This one is, sorry to say, crap.Now Opera will definetely become Oprah department. 🙂

  4. Originally posted by FataL:

    This one is, sorry to say, crap.

    Nonsense. You are just being bigoted and biased because you are allergic to change and improvement.Using the word "crap" alone shows your irrational, hyperbolic approach to this.

  5. As a whole I like the new 'O' logo, but Opera's logo looks even more like overstock.com's logo now, to me at least. I do not care for the all lowercase form of the word software since as a proper noun, it should be written 'Software' instead of 'software.'

  6. Originally posted by Turin:

    Opera's logo looks even more like overstock.com's logo now

    Except overstock is italic, much thinner, and without details/gradients… Actually, it looks nothing like Overstock's logo.

  7. I don't understand people disliking new logo. It is easily recognizable, it does not differ greatly from previous version, it does not look like oprah/whatever people compare to and it is a high quality product created by a designer with brains. It IS a GREAT logo (even though I personally dislike uppecase) from every point.If you compare it with previous version then you should notice THREE main differences:1. Opera software font changed. I don't like capitalized E in new font, but this is the only weak point in new font – old one was worse comparing to new one.2. Red O is changed. It has more weight now and looks more stable. Old one was like taken from Times New Roman and TNR is a very ugly font. New one is GREAT!3. Shadow is reworked. Old one was very accented and placed under stupid angle. Actually that was really ugly. Old one would be much better without poor shadow. So now it is removed! Hurray to the designer(s)!And new logo looks great in every situation – icon, web, print, coloured, monochrome, etc. It is very good from a designer's view (even though I'm not a designer actually, but I know a lot on the matter).

  8. Aux, I completely agree with you about the shadow. The old logo's shadow was not very good. The removal of the shadow is my favourite change in the logo.

  9. I like this new logo. When compared to the previous one, it looks more solid, more like with "attitude" and makes me think of Opera as a fully working and contemporary company, instead of an old, maybe dieing one (well, the latter could sound a bit too much, but I think you'll get it).

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