Opera Mini got nearly 4 million new users in September

The State of the Mobile Web report for September 2009 is out, and reveals that Opera Mini had more than 35.6 million users that month. That's nearly 4 million more users than in August!

It is also interesting to note that the number of users is up 150% since September 2008, while the number of page-views is up a massive 230%.

It's a good thing, then, that Opera Mini compresses the data before sending it to your phones. A calculation done in this month's SMW report reveals that Opera Mini users have shaved up to 8.1 billion dollars per year off their phone bills (and that is only within the top 10 countries!).

Looks like mobile browsing is definitely starting to take off.


5 thoughts on “Opera Mini got nearly 4 million new users in September

  1. How much CO2 emission does Opera Mini save by not wasting so much bandwidth? (don't forget to factor in the Opera Mini Servers!) Go green!

  2. I use Opera mini (still ver 4) every day on my humble Sony Ericsson W900 and it's one incredible piece of software. Thank you, Opera team!

  3. WildEnte, that's actually a very nice and strong point to, perhaps, make a case for on the next State of the Mobile Web report.

  4. I've been blogging with it a year and if I say so myself, the low Kb blog I've made is more user friendly than many. No computer or peripherals at home saves more CO2, and gives a better life style. My eyes have improved too, over the last 5 years according to 2 opticians.

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