Hands-on with AT&T’s custom Opera Mini browser

WAP Review has posted a hands-on look at the AT&T-branded and customized Opera Mini browser.

One of the first things they noticed was that the browser is branded as "att.net" rather than Opera Mini. This is not surprising, seeing as there are likely several pricing models available to operators depending on the level of customization.

It might seem like a bad idea for Opera Software to accept a contract without much Opera branding associated with the product at all, but you can be sure that other operators in the US are fully aware of what these AT&T phones are running! We are definitely getting the word out there about the AT&T contract, and it will create awareness among both other potential customers, and consumers.

In the end, we need to offer the customer what they want (or need). Only in make-believe land can we tell the customer what they are supposed to be doing 🙂


6 thoughts on “Hands-on with AT&T’s custom Opera Mini browser

  1. I would rather have it from opera themselves – I had a t-mob web'n'walk on this phone as new, and frankly it looked more like a dodgy fairground ride than a tool… If only I could delete the other 3Mb of rubbish Nokia sealed into the gallery…

  2. I hope AT&T users does not rush to Opera Mini forums for asking help 😦 Therefore it's maybe better it has very little to do with Opera Mini in it's name and UI.

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