Does Adobe think we are stupid?

The Open Screen Project isn't new, but it seems to be part of a pattern of doublespeak from Adobe. I understand why Adobe wants everyone to use Flash, but at least they could be honest about what Flash actually is, and what it is they are promoting.

Do they really think people are this stupid?

Open Web standards are already here, and don't rely on closed, proprietary formats (even if those formats are promised to be open some time in the future). If Adobe was really trying to open up, they would have promoted open Web standards instead.

If only Adobe would stop referring to proprietary, closed, inaccessible and insecure technologies as "open"…


6 thoughts on “Does Adobe think we are stupid?

  1. It reminds me, of some countries they all have in there name Republic Democratic of something, but is only a name Above uses the same tactic, whit "open" 😆

  2. Flash needs to die. You can flee from IE, You can flee from Windows, but you can not flee from Flash if you want an acceptable web experience.An exploit in Flash is an exploit in 95%+ of all browsers.Also, because of Flash your OS and processor instruction combo needs the official blessing of Adobe before you can browse the web with it properly.Personally I find this a VERY bad situation. The vendor lock-in is basically worse then it ever was with anything from MS.

  3. Do not worry. Flash will get killed pretty soon.1) Adobe is in very bad shape now. Not only new products are bloated, laggy and overpriced, but also they are ridden with vulnerabilities. It has even passed MS as the most buggy software vendor in 2009.2) Flash is hated by two biggest corporations out here: Google (who promotes HTML5) and Microsoft (with SilverLight). tag, that will make Youtube Flash-free, is just a first strike. And once Games and Video-chats will switch to other platforms – Flash will die.

  4. I would say that Silvierlight from Microsoft is in much worse shap than Adobe's Flash Player, Silverlight is very very limited to the browser support (about 3 official browser) while Flash player is not as much, but most of the stuff can be done using web standards

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