Web 3.0 has arrived

Opera 10.10 with Unite was released today, and I'm looking forward to seeing even more weird and wonderful applications. I don't think most people understand the potential of people's computers being able to talk to each others like this, but I'm sure they will realize sooner or later.

Ok, so calling it "Web 3.0" might seem a bit cheesy, but again, Opera Unite does mean that devices can start talking to each other instead of just being "passive" members of the Web.


15 thoughts on “Web 3.0 has arrived

  1. Looking forward to find use for Opera Unite. My problem is that I don't keep my netbook always on, which somewhat limits the use of Opera Unite. However, I have started to consider buying a cheap PC for this.

  2. It does not work behind our company's firewall. That wouldn't be a great problem, but the first preview of Opera Unite did work correctly. Was it denied on purpose?

  3. Wonder when ISPs and server companies will start banning it for bandwidth chatter. They had all sorts in the first days of (pirate) radio, but soon had to license the available bandwidth to subscriber / international companies to stop the waves being clogged with 'citizens' stuff. Hence the advent of CB.

  4. Originally posted by 53north:

    Wonder when ISPs and server companies will start banning it for bandwidth chatter.

    Never. They would have banned all you BitTorrent users already if that was to happen.

  5. In the United States there is a legislative motion to prevent bandwidth discrimination, for example a 3G carrier can not ban you from serving pages or using Skype/Google Voice.

  6. I think one thing the carriers in the US are worried about is the data intensive apps will hog all the bandwidth of the network and crash the network with an overload. You can only get a certain bandwidth over the pipes that are in a certain area.Back to Opera Unite I was using it to stream my music library while I was on a lab computer and noticed some songs did not show, I was wondering about what the supported formats were for the Opera Unite Media Player

  7. I believe mp3 and aac for sure, not certain what else is best, but I'd suggest low-bitrate mp3's for streaming and high-quality files in their original format for download. Some folks have reported cover-art issues but mine work.Half the network failure is bad code. El Reg had a piece on AT&T crushing itself with oversize buffers. They wanted huge buffers to deal with the projected hunger of iPhones, but the memory needed is too large for the hardware to manage. There turned out to be fewer problems with less than half the buffer.

  8. Most of the shops and bars in Britain communicate locally with good old walky talkies handed out by the Police..=o}

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