Opera Mini has doubled its user base so far this year

Opera Mini had nearly 40 million users in October 2009, according to this month's State of the Mobile Web report. This means that since January, Opera Mini's user base has just about doubled.

The user base actually grew by 4 million users in October compared to the month before.

I don't know how many of these are duplicates due to Opera Mini 4 users trying out Opera Mini 5, but since Opera Mini 5 was released the month before, I'm inclined to think that it has a limited effect on the numbers.

Another interesting observation from this month's report is that page views and data transfers are increasing at a faster rate than the user growth. Each Opera Mini user is viewing more pages.


8 thoughts on “Opera Mini has doubled its user base so far this year

  1. So this means Opera Mini has about the same number of users as his big brother on the desktop, and as Google Chrome? (if you've gotta believe all those numbers) :yikes:

  2. Opera on the desktop had nearly 45 million users before the Q3 report, so it's still ahead. But probably not for long 🙂

  3. Opera stills needs to identify as Firefox or Internet Explorer on many sites, this may be part of the problem. In my experience, the average Opera user is much more voracious than other browser users, and looks at a lot more pages.Increasing share in Africa makes good sense, the BBC recently ran a feature about the sudden growth of online services catering to African cellular users.And you know, if Opera is approaching 200M users between preinstalled and downloaded versions of the phone browser, you can add it to the desktop version and put Opera at 2/3 of Firefox's claimed userbase. A recent press release put Opera's phoneside preinstall base at 130M and rapidly growing, with new contracts freshly signed. Most of those phones should still be in service, given the program only became available three years ago. At the visible rate of growth, both in downloads and in preinstalls, there may be more than 500M installed copies of Opera product in only five years or less.

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