Opera fans and Obama gather in Oslo, broadcast by CNN

(source: digi.no)
Yesterday we celebrated 90 million users for Opera in Oslo. It's pretty cool that Obama was in town as well. Who knows, maybe he is an Opera fan?

Check out the Opera logo to the left in the screenshot of the CNN broadcast above.


13 thoughts on “Opera fans and Obama gather in Oslo, broadcast by CNN

  1. Originally posted by haavard:

    Chas4: It would probably be easier to make a list of devices Opera isn't running on

    Do I need a magnifying glass to see it since it is so small

  2. There's an Opera customized for several Blackberries, of course it's available. I just didn't realize you could install it on a president @_@ or did Carakan and Vega join forces to take over our country?…seriously. I doubt Mini would be cleared for such high-level service, unless Opera provided the government with tools to run its own server park? I expect they would like to sell high-availability services like Link for specialized applications, and the free public versions are a testing ground for security and stability. For example Unite will not accept any altered certificates when authenticating.

  3. wow! that's kinda nice seeing opera growing, we're really progressing, thumbs up to all opera staffs and management…LALALA…!!!

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