Opera Software buys mobile ad company AdMarvel

We have just announced Opera's acquisition of mobile advertising company AdMarvel.

Google and Apple have both recently bought their own mobile advertising companies, and I guess Opera needs to position itself to remain competitive in the future. It seems that mobile advertising is where everyone is seeing the big bucks in the coming years, and it seems like a good idea to expand into yet another area and diversify our business.

The big question is of course if you can make money from ads and at the same time make it useful to the user. Is it even possible to turn this into something the user will actually find useful?

Well, think about how we started making money from the desktop version: We introduced the search field which is now standard in most browsers, and offered a highly useful feature which we could also make money from. Basically, most of our desktop revenue is ad revenue, and this "ad-sponsored" feature is one of the most popular features in today's browsers.

If we can do the same thing on mobile phones, I think we've got a winner on our hands.

I don't know exactly what we are planning to do, but I'm pretty sure we are going to make it as useful and non-intrusive as possible.


6 thoughts on “Opera Software buys mobile ad company AdMarvel

  1. I am willing to accept some ads while browsing (Opera Mini/Mobile, or desktop Opera with Turbo perhaps?), as long as my favorite browser company will make some money of it…However, implementation will have to be as unobtrusive as possible for users not to label Opera as "adware" or "Ad-powered".

  2. Originally posted by tomassplatch:

    I am willing to accept some ads while browsing

    Ditto. Tamil said Opera can't take donations because it's illegal. Piriform can, and it's not an organization. How does that work?

  3. Interesting news!On things like donations, the specifics are extensive. Long story short, it depends on 1) the location of your operation and 2) the exact type of operation that you have registered as. If someone in Opera Legal says NO, that's that.

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