Microsoft’s IE9 standards tests vs. reality

The good news is that Internet Explorer 9 supports SVG!

The bad news is that Microsoft's standards support table could mislead people into thinking that IE9 is more standards compliant than other browsers. …

Since I'm already talking about SVG, let's look at that as an example. If you read the description on their page, you will notice that it doesn't actually show SVG compliance as such. It shows how each browser does when running the 31 tests Microsoft created, when even the SVG 1.1 Tiny test suite has more than 150 different tests.

CodeDread has a published list detailing SVG support in different browsers. As you can see, IE9 still does poorly compared to other browsers. So while Microsoft's own page would give you the impression that IE9 has excellent SVG support, that is not the reality.

It's great that IE9 will support SVG, but I think Microsoft's page is rather misleading. Let's hope they are planning to make use of the full test suite at some point.

In conclusion: Microsoft should update the page to make it more obvious what it actually shows. It currently gives the false impression that IE9 beats all other browsers at standards compliance.

Not cool, Microsoft. Not cool.


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  1. Ha-ha-ha.1. Microsoft declared once in the past(forgot where read it) that to conform W3C standards – not their priority. As a proof of their words we can see Acid3 test result. Now they declared(as I understood that table): "We do not need to pass any 3rd-party test for standard compatibility because we can craft own tests which will show results we want to present to consumers."This is kind of black PR. 2. Do they plan to release IE9 for Linux, Unix? No, the don`t.They even not going to release IE9 for Windows XP!So what we talking about? About a peace of `software` that will be never accessible for each experienced user?(Experienced users prefer stable(WindowsXP/2003) or/and Secure(Linux,Unix) environments to work)So MS even can flood such tests all over Internet and even run advertisement clips on TV(as they did it for Win7, and do it now for Office2010 in my country), but all they can achieve is loud laughter of me, of my colleagues, and my family.

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