Opera Mini submitted to iPhone App Store as Mozilla drops mobile Windows version

Yesterday, we announced that Opera Mini has been submitted to the iPhone App Store. It seems that independent tests confirm that it wipes the floor with Safari when it comes to speed, at least on slower connections.

We have a page counting the time since the application was submitted for approval, and you can win an iPhone if you correctly guess how long the approval process takes. …

The problem is that I don't think it should be necessary to ask for approval in order to create applications for a platform, but this seems to be becoming the norm rather than the exception.

And the consequence is less choice for the user.

The day before we submitted Opera Mini to the App Store, Mozilla announced that they are halting development for both Windows Mobile and Windows Phone because the former has no future, while the latter is as closed as the iPhone.

This is a huge loss, because people need more choice in browsers rather than less. The mobile Web needs a proper Gecko browser, because we don't want just one or two browser engines to dominate. As history has shown, the fewer browsers, the messier the Web.

Mobile phones will most likely overtake the PC as the most common type of device on the Web, and we risk returning to a stalled Web with no innovation because walled gardens prevent choice. Lack of choice means lack of competition. Lack of competition means stagnation.

At least we have our cross-platform UI framework and Opera Mini which can be used even where there is a lack of native development environment, but but I think people should be allowed a choice in full, standalone browsers as well.

And they shouldn't have to wait for someone else to make the choice for them.


14 thoughts on “Opera Mini submitted to iPhone App Store as Mozilla drops mobile Windows version

  1. Man, at this rate Fennec will be just as stillborn as the last mobile Firefox. So far the only confirmed platform is Maemo? And hasn't the N900 been delayed again?http://www.engadget.com/2009/11/30/nokia-launching-only-one-maemo-device-in-2010/I guess the difference in staff headcount is really showing itself here. Opera has ambitiously begun to push native-code Mini for a number of platforms, while Mozilla struggles to point-out REAL hardware that you can test Fennec on. What a damned mess, here I agree with Haavard completely: Ir's better for everyone if Mozilla can ship a mobile browser.

  2. Thats why i think i will go for an open OS for my next phone. Maemo5 or something like that šŸ™‚

  3. Is Microsoft gonna allow Opera Mobile or do they need another tap on the shoulder by the EU before they play fair?

  4. Congrats Opera! Opera Mini browser for the iPhone will be in Apple's App Store!Opera gave me a link to download from iTunes but its not working so far…Great move, now what will you call you Ad company? OperaAd, oAD, Oad, ? :doh: Cheers!

  5. You can use your existing Opera Link. Put the shared bookmarks in the "Opera Mini" folder of your desktop install.

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