Opera: 50 million desktop users

It has been just a little more than four years since we removed the ads from Opera, and thereby prepared it for the mass-market. In those few years, Opera has reached a desktop user base of 50 million users.

This milestone was reached in March, and it means that Opera has added more than 10 million new active users on average each year since the ads were removed.

And just like Opera's user base on the desktop has grown so far, I expect it to continue to grow in the future. Good things are on the horizon for Opera and Opera users.


11 thoughts on “Opera: 50 million desktop users

  1. I really appreciate your hard work, guys and gals! Opera is truly one of the most amazing piece of software ever created. And it touches my everyday life in so many and important ways, that I cannot imagine my life without it. Thank you!

  2. I think they still count active users with stuff like update checks and browser.js requests. Not SUPER accurate, but if anything they err toward the low side of the estimate. Good stuff.

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