Opera Mini iPhone tip: Don’t pinch to zoom!

A handy tip if you think the pinch zooming in Opera Mini for the iPhone is frustrating is to keep in mind how Opera's zooming works.

  • To zoom in: Simply tap where you want to zoom in, and that's it.
  • To zoom out: Double-tap, tap with two fingers, or hit the zoom out button on the toolbar.

You see, the pinch zooming in Opera Mini is not real pinch zooming. It is more like a gesture which changes between the two pre-determined zoom levels that exist in Opera Mini.


3 thoughts on “Opera Mini iPhone tip: Don’t pinch to zoom!

  1. Haavard, do you know how zooming works for Motorola Android? I started using Opera mini again and now remember why I stopped half a year ago: can't figure out the zooming. I can only find some info about there being only 'two zoom levels'. But I can't make it do anything. It sounds like a simple thing – but it isn't. Why is there not a simple zoom button as with Opera mobile? I have the latest version, 5.1.22460 on 2.2. Takk

  2. The new Mini's zoom rocks! Fully functional at last! Tap or pinch.Is this HWA?Cheers!

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