Odd&Even’s Opera adventures: Potatoes, fish, moose, and pretty good packing

Odd&Even's potato speed test on YouTube has been viewed by nearly 1 million people, making it Opera's most viewed YouTube video, ever. It even has more views than the face gestures video!

But did you know that this is not the first time Odd&Even have been out and about? …

Their first video showed off Opera's Turbo compression technology in the video "Odd & Even Compressing Web Pages." That's pretty good packing!

They also went on a trip to China last year because they wanted to see how Opera Turbo speeds up the internets:

  1. Odd & Even go to China
  2. Odd & Even has arrived in Bejing
  3. Odd & Even dig a hole to Norway
  4. Odd & Even at the zoo

If you want to stay updated on their latest adventures, you can check out their blog.


10 thoughts on “Odd&Even’s Opera adventures: Potatoes, fish, moose, and pretty good packing

  1. Congrats, the parody is very funny, I hope another thousand of people watches it!!!PS: Actually the right comparison would be "Opera Mini 5 on the iPhone", it's the second most watched operasoftware video.

  2. Oh this is nice, where have I been, or has it been?So Chrome copies Opera again!Cheers!

  3. Odd&Even's /ad/ventures working on a Safari HTML5 spoof… showing what Opera's vision for HTML5 is?!Stay in the public eye! …and 3, 2, 1… Cheers!

  4. Originally posted by Charles Schloss:

    It has hit over 1 million views already in about a week

    Odd&Even's Youtube /ad/ventures vs Opera download Widget?Cheers!

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