What is HTML5?

If you are confused about what HTML5 is and how it relates to other web technologies, Bruce Lawson has created a visual masterpiece of Michelangelian proportions to guide you. …

Source: Original image on Flickr

Once you are done marveling at this magnificent materpiece, you may notice some interesting things, such as Geolocation being a separate "blob"! That is the sign of a true work of art. The sheer depth of the piece doesn't hit you until you have carefully scrutinized it.

Will you print it out on the finest paper and give it a permanent space on your wall?


11 thoughts on “What is HTML5?

  1. And…. For when Geolocation on Opera?You released a 10.5X snapshot with it and any news since them…Greetings.

  2. I like how everything's in the "interweb" except for i-phone apps… that'll confuse the Apple fanboys. Bwahahaha! 😀

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