Google Instant works in Opera… if you work around Google’s browser sniffing

Google Instant is a new real-time search service from Google, which for some reason does not seem to work in Opera even though it supports all the other major browsers.

But on closer inspection, it turns out that it does work in Opera! All you need to do is to work around Google's browser sniffing and spoof as a different browser, as demonstrated by Bruce Lawson. …

(Watch on YouTube)
So it seems that Google has chosen to exclude Opera (or only include specific browsers). This is rather disappointing, but at least it's possible to work around it.

Someone created a thread in the Google support forum about the issue in case someone wants to voice their opinion on it.


60 thoughts on “Google Instant works in Opera… if you work around Google’s browser sniffing

  1. I've found some bugs with Google Instant in Opera but nothing huge. Some javascript errors thrown and one odd behavior I noted above.

  2. Purdi-prd3, I usually dont respond to you, simply because your childish ad hominem attacks dont require any addressing, I hope you ll grow up some sunny day. Where did I even bashed Opera in this thread!?@pengeMaybe because in contrary to picasa they do plan supporting opera, but my point isnt to show that Google is an angel(I even used to bring them as a counter example in past Opera vs IE topics)I just believe is pointless to accuse them of discrimination in this particular case, especially when Opera isn't a major antagonist for them or by the fact that if they would, they could even break their classic web search, possibly in a standards compliant way.(every browser has dark corners)

  3. not really. I'm still not getting it if I'm not identified as Firefox. Google still fails to deliver a working service for us.

  4. The new Site-Preview does not work as well (so we have the new Image Search, Instant, Picasa,… which are not working, unless you delete cookies and identify as Firefox. Blocking a Browser that helps spreading WebM and is fully capable of any other of the newest technologies is nonsense. I mean, what are they thinking? I won't use Chrome because of that.

  5. Agreed. Besides, saving too much information with one company is just as dangerous as everyone using only one browser.

  6. Google Instant works in Opera 11.11 since TODAY!!! Hooray!!! No more Foxie mask needed… 🙂

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