A week of Opera: Week 39, 2010

Another week has flown by, and it has been mysteriously quiet on the desktop side… …

However, things are rolling along on the mobile side.

The State of the Mobile Web report for August was published, showing a nice growth in the number of Opera Mini users. The number of unique users is up 6.8% since July, and more than 100% since August 2009. The growth in page views and data consumption is even greater, indicating that Opera Mini users are becoming more and more active.

Reuters covered the report, noting that Opera Mini helps mobile operators keep their networks from becoming congested, and they restate the StatCounter statistics, which show Opera as the #1 mobile browser. Strangely enough, even though the mobile interenet is hot these days, mobile browsing statistics are rarely commented on these days. The Reuters article is an exception to that, but if the iPhone was #1, I'm sure mobile browser stats would be all the press was talking about 🙂

Another Russian operator took Opera Mini on board, this time Tele2 Russia.

Of course, Opera Mini isn't just the operator's friend. We also announced a new agreement with Chinese electronics manufacturer TCL. Apparently, TCL's sales volumes grew by more than 180% in the first half of 2010 compared to the first half of 2009. If Opera gets to be part of a continued growth for TCL, there could be good times ahead.

Another Chinese electronics manufacturer, ZTE, will also be doing global distribution of phones with Opera Mini preinstalled.

If all this business talk bored you, maybe you would like to re-tune your brain by watching Patrick's talk at London Web Standards on HTML5 video and audio. There's also a mobile web talk available, and a preview of prettier HTML5 Forms errors in Opera.


13 thoughts on “A week of Opera: Week 39, 2010

  1. I hope that this week will be again more about desktop version :yes: (Opera Mobile for Android would be also good)

  2. Originally posted by BS-Harou:

    Opera Mobile for Android would be also good

    yeah, wouldn't mind that, lol

  3. thanks for these reports, it is appreciated! we do similar stuff on our local fan-site, every friday there is a similar report about weekly Opera-related news. We've just started after a long summer break 🙂

  4. Last week i was 277 kilometres away of my home for a short vacation in my cousin's home. I missed my desktop and of course Opera browser. :(cause my cousin uses chrome sh*t :showever i didn't miss to browse my favorite web sites using Opera Mini. 😀

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