Ask Opera employees questions on Reddit

Opera staff are currently answering questions and comments at Reddit. You can basically post questions or comments, and someone from Opera might respond (though the number of comments is growing quickly!).

We have also paid for some banner ads and general advertising on the site (example to the right). I think it's interesting to be able to interact directly with not only Opera users, but also other people who may not be using Opera, but may still have useful feedback or interesting questions.

Anyway, if you want to participate, just click the fancy ad to the right, or the link in the first sentence.


8 thoughts on “Ask Opera employees questions on Reddit

  1. At time of writing, there are 879 up votes, 303 down votes for the "story". Let's see if the ratio improves.

  2. I really enjoyed the Reddit IAmA. People were very friendly, and very polite and pleasant to talk to. There was a lot of great constructive criticism. I think it was very useful to get some honest and yet polite and constructive feedback from people who may not normally be using Opera.People who were having problems were often so nice about it I almost felt bad if I wasn't able to offer them a solution right away.All in all, a great success as far as I'm concerned. And some people can really learn from the way people at Reddit offer their feedback.

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