More than 150 million users

In the first quarter of 2010, we announced that Opera had more than 100 million active users (not downloads or installs, but actual users).

In June/July, we announced more than 120 million active users.

In August, the count was at more than 130 million active users.

During the Up North Web conference in October, we announced more than 140 million Opera users.

And today, we announced that there are more than 150 million Opera users.

150 million users is a major milestone for Opera, but considering the current growth, it won't be long until we reach 200 million users. Any bets on when that will happen?

Note that this is not just for one single platform, but includes the desktop version, Opera Mini, Opera Mobile, and Opera for devices.


17 thoughts on “More than 150 million users

  1. That's an amazing growthWe – the opera users – will reach 200 million in… april. That's my estimate πŸ™‚

  2. That's bloody awesome! But just like Jurgi I'm curious whether that's mostly Opera Mini's success or equally shared between all platforms. Is there a users/(platform|program) statistic, too? :sherlock:

  3. Opera Mini has 75-80 million users.Desktop has more than 50 million users (and will probably grow quite substantially with Opera 11).Then there's 20 million or so users for Opera Mobile and Opera on various devices.

  4. I can bet Opera will reach their 200 million of active users within the 2nd Quarter of 2011. And in my opinion Opera should do something for the new born bada OS. Hope this'll help to increase their popularity. By the way congratulations for the opera team. Keep up the good work. I'm happy of being one of the 150 million of 'active' users. :up:

  5. I really don't want to diminish the joy – but though I do use the Opera desktop version despite its well-known bugs, I removed Opera Mobile 10.1 after a few days from my Android phone (just as 10.0 from the Windows Mobile phone I had before) because it is just annoying that every IP address like or every date like 02.12.2010 gets underlined because it is interpreted as a tel:… URL.So the question is, if these 150 million users are really active, and if so, for which period of time.

  6. Originally posted by Nofanboy:

    I really don't want to diminish the joy

    Then stop whining here. This is NOT the right place to post bug reports.

  7. Can only agree with the speaker that itΒ΄s an amazing growth! I guess that Opera Software reaches 200 million users in April! Good luck! πŸ™‚

  8. Originally posted by Nofanboy:

    So the question is, if these 150 million users are really active, and if so, for which period of time.

    Numbers for Mini are super-accurate, and PC versions may have a similar "shared secret" item (but I doubt that).Opera does not however count users by downloads, but instead by startups (each installation of Desktop/Mobile checks for new browser.js patchfile at least once per week). So Opera has a very good image of how many people use the different versions of each platform. (patches are different by version, so patchfiles must be version-specific; I hear that 9.27 was a very good version, but personally no longer have it)So to answer your question, this number is very precise and may be somewhat underestimated.EDIT: If the new subscriber markets (telecoms) come online in good order, Mini and Mobile may together reach 200M by end of next year. If 11 wraps up and has a good launch blitz early-to-middle Q1-2011, Desktop Opera may double in short order. Plus there's the projected boom in Devices with all the connected television OEM contracts. Opera could hit 200M total by end of Q1 if all goes perfectly, but I'll call late June (end of Q2). If total users exceed 350M by the end of 2011, we should all send cakes to Oslo.

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