Mythbusting Mozilla’s Acid3 mythbusting

It seems that Mozilla will refuse to fix their browser so that it gets a 100/100 score on the Acid3 test. Instead, they have decided to explain not only why they won't, but also claim that it's actually a good thing.

Fine. That's their call. But calling it "mythbusting" while spreading myths of their own? That's not very nice, now is it? …

Good thing we have one of the guys actually working on SVG at Opera to set the record straight. Not only did Opera implement SVG Fonts back in 2005, long before Acid3 was created, but they actually do have uses, contrary to Mozilla's claims.

At the end of his article, Alexander Limi requests that people link to his article:

The next time someone posts a comment about how Firefox still doesn’t score 100 on Acid3, please link them to this article.

Based on the facts at hand, I'd like to follow up his request with a request of my own:

The next time someone posts a comment about how Firefox still doesn't score 100 on Acid3 and someone else links to that article, please link to Erik's article mythbusting Mozilla's mythbusting.

Maybe someone else will respond to Erik's mythbusting of Mozilla's mythbusting, and eventually we'll have a whole chain of mythbusters mythbusting other mythbusters…


11 thoughts on “Mythbusting Mozilla’s Acid3 mythbusting

  1. SVG fonts is an open free standard. Not implementing it by Mozilla (and only by Mozilla) is a very bad choice for them, and for any users.

  2. When Chrome came out Opera's java script engine was slow. Instead of talking, posting, promising, explaining, talking again, dying hair red, Opera started to work, on next engine, on better browser. Microsoft also promised IE 9 will have GPU and all sort of improvements, and it has. Safari… no comments But Firefox, yes firefox, first there were around a gazylion blog posts about Google going to stop financing FFX through partnership etc, then, long time has passed, and out of no where I was watching an interview with this strange looking lady with red hair. It was about FFX 4. I was 100% sure that after all that time, they already have FFX 4 working, but the presentation was about what FFX is planning and how fast it will be and how great it will be and all sorts pots filled with gold at the end of the rainbow. Now we have FFX 4b10. It is slow, even gui is slower than 3.6 everything is in slow motion, and it is nearly release candidate time isn't it. So again instead of fixing, we hear wonderful stories about unicorns, elfs and myth-busting…

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