Poll: What should we focus on when developing Opera?

I just added a new poll: What should we focus on when developing Opera?

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  1. Originally posted by drlaunch:

    One: Because I don't have the time to read every changelog of every Opera snapshot I'm suddenly not allowed to voice my opinion?

    Wait, wait, wait. You are saying that you are making claims even though you don't actually know if those claims are true?I actually think coming to someone's personal blog and bashing his work without even bothering to read up on the facts is quite rude!

    Two: I searched the changelogs again and couldn't find anything about my problems. That means I'm either dumb or you're the one being rude.

    Or you are assuming that you are looking for the right thing, in the right changelogs, or if it's even in a changelog.

  2. I find it puzzling that no one seems to read the changelogs to see all the hundreds or thousands of bug fixes that go into each major new version. They may have new features, but they have hundreds of fixes for each new feature too.

  3. A bit of love for M2?If you're going to keep Opera as an Internet suite rather than just a browser, you can't just leave the other parts of the suite hanging.

  4. @Tomas Thorsteinsson, you seem to have missed a couple of things:1) the "requests and bug reports do not belong here" part of the post2) the major M2 facelift in Opera 11What gives?

  5. I haven't had any crashes with 11.0x. Guess that goes to show that you can't generalize your personal experience and think that it applies to everyone. Opera probably knows a lot more than either of us what the actual stability of the product is, considering that they have objective data on it.

  6. Originally posted by Slamdex:

    I find it puzzling that no one seems to read the changelogs to see all the hundreds or thousands of bug fixes that go into each major new version.

    The changelogs list hundreds of bug fixes for new versions but certainly not thousands. I realize that there are a lot of bugs fixed that aren't listed in the changelogs though. That being said, 11.00 had a lot of crashes for me (several a day) so I'm glad that they seem to have been resolved with the first 11.10 build. My main issue is still memory consumption and having to close Opera and restart it after all the memory on my system is exhausted. I voted for "balanced" but I assume that the devs already consider what they do to be "balanced". I hope that in the future Opera can try to keep it's regression to new feature ratio lower.

  7. The memory consumption is indeed much higher than pre-10.50 Opera; however there is still nothing to match its capabilities on my system. I'd be hurting without 2GB of memory though, so please don't drastically increase the consumption even more…I think that 10.50 was an even trade against earlier versions, regarding what broke and what started working online. 11 is a major improvement in that respect. 11.10 squashes lots of things that were introduced by the feature updates, so it should be even better than 11 by the end.There are some definite crashes being caused by extensions (especially those that add markup to every page when it loads). The few extensions that I play with are very stable though. I imagine the stability will improve now that Opera has a good range of extensions to test against.I feel very good about the course this company has set for itself.

  8. I definitely second the wish to Opera to focus on bug fixes. The immense complexity of Opera produced some rather erratic bugs I thus did not report as I cannot really reproduce them although they reappear regularly. And although I think that there's a lot Opera can enhance (not necessarily talking about new features here …) I agree that stability should be Opera's main focus. This includes improving resource handling …Conclusion: An ultra-stable browser with fully consistent behaviour would be a really n1ce feature. PS: No, I have no "real" problems with the current releases of Opera but it's the small things that get really annoying over time. Like the RMB-key on the keyboard is not working as it should …

  9. I've voted for bug fixes only.Opera is already has many features, but unfortunately, many of them is useless because of bugs/glitches.Some bugs exist for ages. It's a bit annoying when you have to remember about bugs all the time to avoid them.

  10. Originally posted by Fifonik:

    I've voted for bug fixes only.

    And yet I bet you have requested features yourself :up:All browsers have bugs, and you can't just keep fixing them all the time and do nothing else. Where would the excitement over new versions go?

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