State of the Opera: Q4 2010

It's time for the financial results for the 4th quarter of 2010 (Q4 2010). This was another record quarter for Opera Software, with the highest revenue ever. We're also making more money, and the "new" business model focusing more on operators and the "consumer business" seems to be working nicely. …


  • Highest revenue in the company's history, and the company is making more money
  • Earnings before interest and taxes were up by more than 600% compared to Q4 2009. Of course, Opera's profits were fairly low in Q4 2009
  • More than 170 million people are now using Opera across all devices and platforms
  • With the same currency situation as the same quarter of 2009, the revenues and profits would be NOK 4M higher
  • AdMarvel outperformed estimates. Better performance than expected
  • AdMarvel will help monetize all Opera products in various ways
  • Once again, the currency situation (stronger Norwegian Kroner compared to the US Dollar and Euro) had a negative impact on revenue, but not enough to prevent a record quarter


  • There were 53 million desktop users in January (highest ever), and still increasing
  • Desktop revenue was higher than expected, with an increase of 41% compared to Q4 2009
  • Revenue increase due to growing user base, and higher ARPU due to more searches per user
  • Desktop revenue was 37% of Opera's total revenue in the quarter
  • Half a million people install extensions every week
  • One million new users in Egypt during the revolution, as people were using Opera Turbo to bypass internet restrictions


  • 11.5 million Opera Mini users were from operator agreements. That's up from 1.7 million 12 months earlier
  • Operator Opera Mini users have a higher ARPU than "normal" Opera Mini users, although there is work underway to monetize and increase ARPU for both groups
  • The Opera Mobile Store is already live, and has 700K downloads every day, and 16M unique users very month. Daily downloads expected to exceed 3M this year
  • Opera Mobile Store will be monetized in various ways
  • Operator revenue growth vs. Q4 2009: 47%
  • Operators that choose Opera Mini experience significantly higher user growth than competitors
  • Operator user ARPU about USD 2.5, and new users will be around USD 2

If you want more details, you can read the financial report, or watch the video presentation (and view the presentation slides as a PDF file).


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    One million new users in Egypt during the revolution, as people were using Opera Turbo to bypass internet restrictions

    That a stress test on servers?

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    That a stress test on servers?

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