The new has arrived

The old Opera Web Mail is now up an running again, fully hosted by Opera Software:

Read more in the official FastMail.FM blog.

Note that this is not the new webmail service I mentioned in the previous blog post, so your My Opera login will not work.


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  1. if only it'd accept my old login 😦 Requesting a new one doesn't seem to be possible either as it asks for a backup mail address, but that's a fastmail thing, wasn't there in the old

  2. Good :-)I do get a certificate warning as soon as I enter though…( !=

  3. It would be nice to see with the same visual style of all the other sites in the Opera network…Anyway great news!

  4. A few accounts will change account name for technical reasons, but the old user name can still be used for login, sending and receiving of email.ok 😀

  5. Works fine here. Only caveat was I was so used to CTRL-6 it took a while to notice that the new url starts with httpS, not plain http.The upgrade is very welcome. The interface reminds a bit of Thunderbird – or is my memory fooling itself? In any case, it is so much better than before.One verrry useful feature I see (apart from the 1150% increase in mailbox space) is the ability to remove selected attachments from a mail. Excellent!

  6. I am interested in how it will be integrated into existing Opera Software software. ;)Like, will Opera Mini become a simple thin client for it? It could notify me of new mails, or have a context menu item to instantly send page URL to a friend.Also, contacts sync and out-of-the-box inclusion in M2 would be great! 🙂

  7. Awesome! The "OperaMail Gmail Dream" is slowly coming to live. :yes:I just signed up! :DIt would be cool to be automatically redirected if you are singed in your OperaMail account and you access 😉

  8. Originally posted by withme:

    I think I'm gonna stick with gmail, lol!

    The pro's for gmail are compelling, true. You do know the contra's too?

  9. Originally posted by withme:

    a mailbox capacity of 25mb and 160mb monthly bandwidth srsly? I think I'm gonna stick with gmail, lol!

    Ouch, I (automatically) assumed those were GB (not MB) when I very quickly parsed the account details… :(EDIT: btw, what does this exactly mean?

    & taglines in outgoing mail

  10. a mailbox capacity of 25mb and 160mb monthly bandwidth srsly? 😀 I think I'm gonna stick with gmail, lol!

  11. This is not the brand new service. It's just the old Opera Web Mail moved over to FastMail. I guess I should clarify in the post.

  12. Originally posted by haavard:

    we will soon unveil a brand new webmail service where you will be using your existing My Opera username and password to log in.

    This was said in the last blog post, but it does not work when I try to use my MyOpera username and password.

  13. Originally posted by haavard:

    This is not the brand new service. It's just the old Opera Web Mail moved over to FastMail. I guess I should clarify in the post.

    Ah, ok. Thanks for clarifying.

  14. Although I would have been happier if Opera have bought my mail provider, Runbox from Norway. 🙂

  15. Indeed email is still an essential tool, and it's here to stay.Although, what I'm really looking forward to is a social-upgraded 'email 2.0', and I suspect Opera is planning something like that right now.Social + IM* + email + mobile = WIN 🙂 Can't wait!* Opera should really do that too!

  16. huxr: Opera actually has its own IRC server already. They also had a server-sent-event based chat room. And there is an instant-messenger app for Unite. They could make it fancier I guess…?I'm happy enough with the OWM upgrade for now.Fun thought here; if the new mail service Opera's working on will use My.Opera credentials, does this mean it could eventually be attached with the Link API?

  17. @Cutting Spoon: I'm talking about services that Joe Next Door can use.Aka, Out of Box Experience.Also, I had chiefly mobile phones in mind.Does Opera have an IM for Opera Mini? I think not.I think it would be amazing if Opera Mini, Mobile + Desktop came with social, email 2.0, and IM by default.Opera has all the infrastructure it needs for it (My Opera, Opera Link, Opera Mini servers etc. )They have all the software methods, with standards, widgets, etc.It would simply be amazing if they just connected the dots.What do you think?

  18. True enough. This depends on convergence however. On one side, the average phone that runs Mini 6 (or 7 or whenever stuff lands) would need better hardware than most current feature phones. Enough memory ro run multiple functions, sufficiently fast CPU to manage the streams, low-latency baseband processor.Like I said Opera supports most of what you want at some level or other; the remaining problem is convergence of services and improved service discovery. One goal of 11.10, seems to be the subtle reminders that Opera can do more than "just browse".But it will take some more time yet.

  19. @Cutting Spoon:Yeah, I was just wondering about the possibilities. :)I'm on a smartphone (Nokia E72), so I have less limitations than on feature phones.Still, I pretty much live in Opera Mini 5, and it would be cool for it to have even better messaging capabilities.I guess at least non-real time messaging would not be that hard to implement in Mini.

  20. Accelerated mail in Mini would be much easier with the eventual release of a mail service that uses the My.Opera account.

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