Shock and horror: Bing Toolbar allegedly copied RockMelt!

eWeek and other sites are making a big deal out of the new Bing browser toolbar allegedly copying features from social browser/Flock clone RockMelt.

Frankly, I don't get it.

Browsers have been copying each other since the dawn of time, and the press didn't seem to care much. Things like Speed Dial, popup blocking, full page zoom, sessions, private data deletion, and so on, were invented or pioneered by Opera, and are in use by other browsers today. Opera has also added features that were first seen in other browsers, such as private browsing and extensions.

Why do they care about this only now?

And as far as I can tell, the ideas in RockMelt aren't exactly novel, new or revolutionary either. Remember Flock?


7 thoughts on “Shock and horror: Bing Toolbar allegedly copied RockMelt!

  1. Tend to agree with you Haavard, I'm amazed that anyone is willing to install the Bing bar in the first place.

  2. Originally posted by haavard:

    And as far as I can tell, the ideas in RockMelt aren't exactly novel, new or revolutionary either. Remember Flock?

    Everything I've read about RockMelt (which isn't much) described it as Flock, but based on Webkit rather than Gecko.

  3. I tried out Rockmelt for a bit. I really liked their side bars–it's *excellent* for RSS feeds. The only annoying bit was, of course, being permanently connected to FB and receiving notifications every 5 secs (but I guess that's the point of it). I actually considered swapping, but I didn't find the interface as customisable, and you have to install extensions for notes and what not. I did put a suggestion though, for us to integrate the RSS feeds feature somehow better into the panel–Rockmelt allowed you to read as you go (like expanded view of Google Reader) whilst Opera's doesn't, and the images turned out a lot better (on average) on Rockmelt's RSS feeds.

  4. If I want Facebook in my sidebar, I'll just bookmark it into the panel. I think some browsers have "prettier"(?) RSS readers, but Opera works much better if you have many feeds (like 100+) because you can gather all of them in one view.

  5. True. But I really liked the read as you go expanded view. I don't have many RSS feeds so it's ok. I decided to compromise and use Google Reader instead. Yeah I didn't like being connected to FB 24/7, but at the time I didn't know you could drag it into the panels. When I found out you could, I tried but I didn't like it because FB mobile hides people's comments by default and it's usually the comments I find interesting. So I just have to open FB everytime instead. Oh well, can't have everything in life.

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