Better than Opera!!!

While browsing GetJar, I came across this. I'm not exactly sure what's going on, but I found it somewhat amusing. It might be related to some recent developments 🙂 …

Source: GetJar browser productivity applications for Java (click for bigger screenshot)
Of course, you can now download Opera Mini from Getjar again, so I hope they had fun while it lasted!


16 thoughts on “Better than Opera!!!

  1. We all know, there is nothing better than Opera.Clearly a sign you are doing things right, when others try and piggy-back on your success.

  2. :eyes: I didn't believe it but right now I'm watching it online at GetJar. Mazin'! 😆 Oh and I just want to say Bolt Lite is a pile of junk – it doesn't work on my phone at all :whistle:

  3. Excellent, their combined download totals are half of Opera Mini. Good thing Getjar didn't reset the counter when re-adding Mini to the store….

  4. Excellent find!I'd like to say it all in one sentence,"The rats play when the cat's away" 🙂

  5. Originally posted by Utkarsh1:

    "The rats play when the cat's away"

    Agreed. Except that it's said for mice, not rats 🙂 Mice are much more afraid of their predators 🙂

  6. One feature of Bolt is really better. It can render MANY DIFFERENT SIZES of fonts, but not only three internal phone fonts.

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