100 million Opera Mini users – ahead of schedule!

An imporant milestone:

Opera Mini has reached 100 million users!
When I blogged about the 50 million milestone in February of 2010, I predicted that although the growth rate at the time indicated that Opera Mini would reach 100 million in May 2011, it was likely to happen before that.

And I was right, because the 100 million milestone was reached last month, in March.

In addition to 100 million users, we have also reached another milestone: Two billion daily page views!

Remember that these 100 million users are in addition to all the Opera Mobile users, and users of a preinstalled or bundled version of Opera Mini. When we announced 100 million users a couple of months ago, that was including Opera Mobile. Today we're talking about Opera Mini exclusively.

Any guesses on when Opera Mini will reach the 200 million mark? 🙂


12 thoughts on “100 million Opera Mini users – ahead of schedule!

  1. facebook has 500M users. And it's good to see that 100M of those users use their phone's Opera Mini to browse facebook! :PKeep up the good work. :up:

  2. I may also second the "8 months" crazy guess. Because some of the contracts announced by Opera indicate deep and sudden market penetration on the table.

  3. Congrats :-)A question: you (Opera) keep announcing new and exciting deals for bundled and pre-installed versions of opera mini. Yet, statistics always exclude numbers from these sources.Could you share some insight into the numbers generated from this other market?

  4. Originally posted by haavard:

    The number of operator users is announced during the quarterly financial presentation

    So if I'm looking at last quarter's presentation right, that means there were 11.5 million people using bundled or pre-installed versions of Opera Mini in Jan 2011?

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