Microsoft’s “Native HTML5” nonsense

Another week, another nonsensical marketing claim from Microsoft.

This time they have tried to coin the term "Native HTML5", which basically contradicts the whole idea of the web as non-native and platform-agnostic. You know, the idea the entire web was built on?

HTML5 is not native. It is not supposed to be native. It is silly to even attempt to tie HTML5 to a specific platform.

Some people are making fun of Microsoft's antics, which is all well and good. The idea of "Native HTML5" is that ridiculous. Others are quite harsh in their coverage. I think a combined approach is necessary: Make fun of their obvious attempt to hijack HTML5, while making sure that their claims are also met with clear, factual refutations.

In my opinion, Dean Hachamovitch should be ashamed of himself for signing his name to such a shoddy piece of dishonest marketing nonsense. Call me a grumpy old open web fundamentalist, but I'm getting fed up with this.

Whew, glad to get that off my chest 🙂


36 thoughts on “Microsoft’s “Native HTML5” nonsense

  1. Like I replied to you on twitter, maybe MS is proud that their browser won't need hacks such as html5shiv & modernizr anymore 😉

  2. yeah, microsoft makes it sound that only the latest windows can deliver 'native' html5. Did you know that the 'IE 10 platform preview' refuses to install on windows vista? After you agree with the license you get a message saying that it does not support any os earlier than windows 7.(screenshot)Yes, native html 5 is soon only for windows 7 😆

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  4. Yeah, typical Microsoft marketing.There's a pretty major difference between saying "we have a new product that we think will change the web" (when all types of devices are able to communicate freely across the web, has the web not changed significantly?) and saying "you can only view the proper web with IE; all the rest are just fake."Microsoft always does that. Other companies usually do their marketing without outright deception.

  5. Microsoft is idiot. The IE team is idiot. IE 9 has the least HTML5 support. IE 10 PP1 has the same amount of HTML5 support + some CSS3 features. With least HTML5 standards support, they are saying "Native HTML5"???And yes, HTML is web coding language, not a feature that only the IE 9 platform supports.Internet Explorer 9,???It has no special pros when comparing to other browsers and high cons such as IE 9 not supporting Windows XP and IE 10 PP1 not supporting Windows Vista

  6. Originally posted by Swapnil99pro:

    not supporting Windows XP

    XP has less than 3 years of support left, and I think IE 9 needs some library versions that are in Vista and up

  7. Hijacking HTML5 and making other browsers suck, sure but still Mozilla, Google and Opera got something to say about that if using common markup, it's not like HTML5 comes from Microsoft alone.

  8. Did any of you watch the keynote? I was appalled by the way they were picking on Chrome. Never mind their hardware accelerated canvas implementation (which is ONLY doubling rendering performance – shoddy work imo)… How dare they say stuff like "moving the web forward", snickering and pointing fingers at Chrome – showing off their "super fast" canvas tech-demos – whilst being solely responsible for halting the evolution of the web for a decade?!Without Chrome, Opera and FireFox pushing for change, HTML5, canvas or CSS3 wouldn't exist! Way to stay classy…

  9. Sometimes something so incredible comes along that you're forced to make another talking bear video:

    Please note: Some strong/NSFW language

  10. Originally posted by toyotabedzrock:

    Wouldn't that mean Opera will have "Native HTML5" too?

    No, not without fish. We need fish.

  11. So when I am running Opera on Linux I will never be able to experience the same real native HTML5, that my fellas using Windows 7 with IE10 will? I will never be able to get the real deal on my operative system of choice. :no:We have to fork the Linux kernel and integrate some rendering engine into it, to get that same native HTML 5 experience.Maybe we have to contact Steve Jobs and ask if he can integrate Presto into the underlying Unix Kernel he is using in OS X, so Opera users will get the same native HTML5 experience.This man is so full of it. It's just sad. :insane:

  12. You are missing the point. If MS decides to develop HTML5 extensions for IE, who's going to stop them ? If they are somewhat useful, more than a few WebDevs will adopt them. It's a Windows / IE world out there, you know ? I guess it's back to "This site can only be viewed . ."

  13. Originally posted by Ravna:

    It's a Windows / IE world out there,

    Not so much any more as smart phone are growing, same with the rest of mobile browsing

  14. That is a brilliant viral campaign of MS: Put a straw man person on a stage and let him tell something about native HTML5 support – and all the press is full of IE10 news, they even talk about that on the the Mozilla and Opera related web pages …

  15. When most of the press is negative, you're doing it wrong. Because the only people reading most of those articles are in IT. And if the IT people are getting a negative image, they will probably dig in their heels and use IE6 for ten more years.

  16. Hey now, let's let Microsoft keep dreaming that connecting IE 10 to a single version of Windows is a good idea for their marketshare. 😉

  17. It's what big companies do. Remember the Apple HTML 5 demos that only Safari supports? Yeah…

  18. Surprisingly few people remember that already, and it didn't do much of anything for Safari's popularity.

  19. Thats only because most Safari users are Apple fanatics and use everything that come out of that company's doors.I can also remember that Apple claimed they had introduced allot of features first. The truth was that they already where in Opera, long before that. They simply "forgot" about Opera in their ads.

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