Major explosion in downtown Oslo

Less than an hour ago, there was a major explosion in downtown Oslo. It looks like a huge area is affected, including the Prime Minister's office (most windows have been blown out).

Things are chaotic right now, and it is unclear if there was just one or two explosions (there are unconfirmed reports of a second explosion).

The Opera office is not affected, although we are fairly close to city center. …

– The Prime Minister is injured, but safe
– Windows up to 1 km from the explosion were shattered
– The police is aggressively removing people from the area, and there are rumors that there are more bombs
One person confirmed dead so far Several dead people

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17 thoughts on “Major explosion in downtown Oslo

  1. I just heard about this on the news, I hope everyone is ok! :insane: I was like wait a min Opera is in Oslo! Is there any indication if this was an attack or a natural gas line explosion? You said more bombs but i suspect there are more rumors than facts being thrown around right now.I wish you and fellow Norwegians the best of luck in this hard situation.

  2. This is very sad … may the perpetrators be brought to justice swiftly, and may those injured or killed along with their family and other loved ones be comforted. May the rescue workers be helped, too … God help all touched by this.

  3. When I saw the news for the first time, I immediately thought, 'Are the Opera people alright?'It is at least good to learn the Oslo office was not affected by the blast. But so many lives senselessly taken … :(I hope the families are friends of the Opera staff are also all safe and well. Take care

  4. I heard this news when I was cooking at my friend's house, and really sorry to hear that.I hope there're no more incident like this 😦

  5. From what I can tell this happened because of Norway's support for…well it's political and I won't go in to it other then that I agree with Norway and hope that the least harm was done to the people there. Norway has my full respect for having the spirit to take the morally sound stance on the issue.

  6. My thoughts are with the Opera family, and all* the people of Norway. I am shocked something like this could happen in such a great country. My deepest condolences to the friends and family of those affected by these horrible acts.(* Except for a certain 32y old madman)

  7. Sad, sad day … :(Also thanks for all the informations on Twitter, brilliant job, Haavard.

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