Apple hands over patents to patent troll to do its dirty work?

What a coicidence!

On the same day I posted about Apple's abuse of patents in the W3C, TechCrunch posted a story about how Apple has handed over patents to a known patent troll.

While the article speculates that this is a move by Apple to protect itself from being sued by the patent troll, the details of the story indicate something else: Apple could be using the patent troll to do its dirty work.

I would not be surprised if this was really the case.

If Apple was honesty trying to protect itself, why did they not transfer the patents directly? Why did they do it through a shady shell company with connections to the Digitude (the patent troll)?

According to TechCrunch, Digitude has announced that it has teamed up with partners to get its hand on even more patents the company can abuse. And in April, they announced that they had secured its first partnership with an unnamed leading consumer electronics company. Apple?

While we cannot rule out the possibility that Apple was "forced" into this by Digitude under threat of patent lawsuits, the evidence does seem to point towards Apple trying to use shady means to undermine competition in the market.

Just like, coincidentally, the evidence also seems to show that Apple is consciously trying to use patents to undermine open standards.

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