Sound off! What are your top 3 problems with Opera?

While we have various ways to analyze the most widespread problems affecting a large number of users, I thought it might be interesting to get a bit of direct feedback on what people's main problems with Opera are.

  • Opera users: What are the top 3 problems that are causing you frustration?
  • Don't use Opera? What are the top 3 issues keeping you from using it?

I don't know how many will respond to this, but to keep it manageable from the start, here are a few basic rules:

  1. One list per person
  2. The list can contain only 3 items (don't "+1" other people's comments – if you support something someone else writes, show that by adding it to your own list)
  3. The list must be about the actual desktop browser (while people may identify problems with various processes or other Opera products, but those are not what I'm looking for)
  4. Keep the description brief (if you need to elaborate, link to an external page or image; if the description wraps to more than two lines, it's probably too long!)

Mind you, I am not doing this for lack of feedback channels, but I feel that sometimes those channels can get clogged by a lot of off-topic content and things that aren't really relevant in that particular context. It would be interesting to see the feedback distilled into brief points that are easy to analyze.

I also realize that any feedback here will be heavily biased towards more advanced users, but we need to keep you guys in mind, too, when developing Opera.


264 thoughts on “Sound off! What are your top 3 problems with Opera?

  1. 1- Address bar autocomplete behavior which puts searches on top of everything else and doesn't put the top level domain next and/or top.2- Opera mail accordion interface. Add enough accounts and the whole panel becomes unusable, because unless you hide them it covers the whole panel.3- Opera chat is awfully outdated. Can't support basic things like ignore and dcc transfers don't work correctly since Opera v. 9. (Not to mention more complex stuff like scripting).

  2. Opera user since v61. Bugs, bugs everywhere. (remember the progress bar pop-up at bottom fails always when scroll down)2. A lot of Flash issuses, including youtube.3. A new and modern interface for Opera Mail (M2)

  3. 1. There's an about:cpu so we can see what's using the most CPU, but there isn't an about:memory so we can see what's using the most memory.2. Only way to solve NSL problems is to completely reinstall.<3 Opera

  4. Opera user around 4 years. 1. Per site settings should be better (site zoom, fit to width, show pictures).2. Extensions should be more powerfull; manual check for updates for all extensions. 3. Compatibility with websites (the ones which let you install software, like, or

  5. 1) Opera Link is absolutely unreliable. I'm referring to data loss; inconsistencies; server-side issues; deleted notes returning or old notes overwriting newly modified notes; lack of configuration options; no manual-only mode; risky; and unpredictable. It pales in comparison to other sync software, such as Xmarks or Read It Later (aka Pocket.)2) Features introduced, raved about, and then later abandoned. Nothing is polished, leaving the users with bugs because most the effort is focused on "the next exciting new feature!"3) Too much copying of Google Chrome. The Opera desktop browser is having an identity crisis. If I wanted Chrome's looks and features, I'd just use Chrome.

  6. 1) International fontsSince version 10.50, Opera saves but ignores the fonts set in the International fonts dialog. The fonts there could also be reorganized.2) UI quirksThere are multiple and thus describing them won't fit in here.3) EOLAS patent troll "click-to-activate plugins" requirementRemove it since the patent is no longer valid, fortunately.

  7. Opera User.(1) Non-trivial bugs surviving through multiple releases. (For example, "Save As" quietly overwrote files for far, far too long.)(2) In the Links panel, select a number of files, right click and "Save to Download Folder". Depending on the number of file, only some of the files may be downloaded.(3) Click on an entry in the Bookmark panel. Before the page has time to load, click in to it. This should move the focus there but instead it stays in the panel. (This happens with other Panels also.)

  8. 1) Google services not always working as expected2) Very high memory consumption when leaving the browser open for long periods of time (I have mine open 24/7 most of the time and I'm usually forced to reopen the browser to free resources)3) Limited opera link funtionality. I hate not being able to sync keyboard and mouse (gestures) configuration

  9. 1.: SpeedDial:lack of to browse select through page categories of.2.: New Browser Featured Development:to enable different ways of interaction by the Opera Software.3.: User but more of the Opera Development:to enable progress for OS Browser.Simple Minds – "Don't You (Forget About Me)".

  10. 1) preferences screenThe preferences screen should get a makeover. For example: managing search engines is considered 'basic' (it's not under 'advanced'), but the option to make opera check if it's the default browser is under 'preferences – advanced – programs'. Webmaster forumu, domain, hosting ve sunucu tavsiyelerim2) Opera dragonflyMake Dragonfly stick to the tab instead of being global.

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