Sound off! What are the top 3 missing things from the new Opera?

The first build of the new Opera based on Chromium and Blink is finally available for download. This is not simply a port of the old Opera to a new engine. It is a completely new browser. The user interface was rewritten from scratch, and is now native on all platforms. Mac users in particular should notice that Opera 15 blends in far better with their OS than previous versions.

Of course, this is just the start. Opera 15 is the foundation we're going to build the future Opera on. This means that the basics need to be solid. Creating a new user interface from scratch is a huge task, so we had to focus on the basic browser for now. I know that many advanced users with specific needs and requirements, myself included, will probably have to use Opera 12 alongside the new Opera until more features have been implemented or reimplemented, so don't panic just yet. We're just getting started.

We've already been gathering feedback from the comments on the desktop team blog, but I thought that a more structured format might lead to data that's a bit easier to manage and interpret.

So here's the question:

What are the top 3 missing features from the new Opera?
When posting your response, please follow these simple rules:

  1. One list per person
  2. The list can contain only 3 items (don't "+1" other people's comments – if you support something someone else writes, show that by adding it to your own list)
  3. The list must be about the actual desktop browser (while people may identify problems with various processes or other Opera products, but those are not what I'm looking for)
  4. Keep the description brief (if you need to elaborate, link to an external page or image; if the description wraps to more than two lines, it's probably too long!)

Note: You can also post your feedback on Twitter if you don't have an Opera account. Use the tag "#top3" and send it as a reply to @opvard.


820 thoughts on “Sound off! What are the top 3 missing things from the new Opera?

  1. 1) Bookmarks, folders several levels deep2) Tab stacking, something I use alot3) Side panel, with all it's previous contents

  2. 1) The whole side-panel with its mail, bookmarks and notes2) "Recently closed tabs" icon3) Blocking content

  3. 1. password key icon – Opera 15 has all my passwords but NEVER inserts them or prompts me about them. Nor has it ever asked to save any. It's lame.2. recently closed tabs bin – come on, other browsers are starting to add it and you remove it? Totes lame.3. boookmarks/history side panel.

  4. I still use Opera 12.10 Your idea about Opera 15 is just mad . Bring back mouse gestures and Opera link ! Sorry for my english and that post but im waiting for good browser ( my favorite Opera bowser )

  5. Switched to 16 this week. It's only been a couple of days but want to switch back to 12 already. These are my top three but have a few more.1. Visible closed tab history2. Ctrl+Enter, in address bar for .com and on page for wand3. Right click on selected text to open url

  6. My list:-UI customisation (including old buttons such as "wand" and "reopen close tabs", and the option to create (write code for) new icons that are no available in the Opera options)-Built-in ad blocker-Notes

  7. 1.Burn in hell for what you have done with Opera2.Burn in hell for what you have done with Opera3.Burn in hell for what you have done with Opera:furious:

  8. 1. Magic wand (ctrl+enter auto fill user and passwd)2. Mouse gestures (click right-click left to go back)3. Proper download manager (the old one was very good, please switch back to it)

  9. Originally posted by xardas01:

    1.Burn in hell for what you have done with Opera2.Burn in hell for what you have done with Opera3.Burn in hell for what you have done with Opera

    Don't you think you're being a bit too harsh?

  10. 1) Ability to move tab bar around (I place mine on the bottom)2) Ability to block cookies on a per-site basis. (Chrome does not have this, and Opera Next is no better at allowing me to protect my privacy)3) Dockable bookmark bar

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