Transitioning from Opera 12: An introduction

Last year I asked myself what defines Opera. I came up with a list of more than 40 things that I personally relied on when using Opera. Needless to say, the list is still relevant today as I'm still using Opera 12 as my primary browser.

However, I'm also using the new Opera (version 15 and up) as a secondary browser and for "easier" tasks that don't necessarily require my regular work flow, and realized that there are already several things that can be done to replace parts of the abovementioned list.

As a result, I have decided to try to keep track of the progress of replacing Opera 12 with the new Opera. By doing this it makes it easier for me to see what's missing before Opera 12 can be replaced as my primary browser. I'll do this by crossing out items from the list above, and hopefully posting regular updates on it on my blog.

I'll be using the tag "12Transition" for posts related to this.

Mind you, this is my personal take on things. I can't speak for everyone else out there. Everyone has to find his or her own answers and solutions. However, if anyone spots anything on my list which can already be done in the new Opera (even if the result isn't achieved in exactly the same way), let me know.

I also can't guarantee that the solution in the new Opera that replaces functionality in Opera 12 will be the same. I might use a completely different solution to solve a problem. For example, instead of having lots of tabs open on my tab bar I'm actively stashing pages I want to return to later. That means I'll cross out the item on my list which talks about Opera handling more than 100 tabs with ease.

Again, this is my personal take on it. You may not find this to be an acceptable solution, but everyone's entitled to their opinion. I'm just documenting what I'm doing, and not saying that these are the only or even the best solutions for everyone.

I think that's about it for now. I'll leave this as an introduction and go into specific details in separate posts. Again, I'll file them all under "12Transition".


8 thoughts on “Transitioning from Opera 12: An introduction

  1. WONDERFUL!This is exactly what I needed – someone talking through their observations on the changes, seeing what and how stuff works compared with the old version :)Thank you Haavard!(I'm over my snit about Mail being separated, now just resigned to it 😉 )

  2. Originally posted by Haavard:

    That means I'll cross out the item on my list which talks about Opera handling more than 100 tabs with ease.

    I will buy new computer with 16GB RAM and I'll cross out this item on my list too.:lol:

  3. I'm too lazy to look for any solutions. Opera (up to version 12) got me accustomed to have anything I needed for my daily browsing and mailing right out of the box.Waiting for Opera 21 to make another try 🙂 36 weeks?

  4. Yay! But can you have 2 concurrent Opera finals installed and running? On OS X?I adopted a similar workflow for now, but am running Opera Next next to 12.16 — tho I'm not sure if the latest Next release is at the moment the latest version available.

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